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    [Information] Meet and Greet! Welcome!

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    In Progress [Information] Meet and Greet! Welcome!

    Post by Support MO Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:57 pm

    Welcome to Magnum Opus - Roleplay Gaming

    Magnum Opus - RPG, not fresh nor new SAMP Server, but we are enhancing our script and feature to give you the best community that you are looking for. We offer friendly community and staffs, We offer a medium roleplay server that you wouldn't regret to play with & We offer a active social media's and updated website/forums.
    So join now and choose you life.. 

    Hello new player, feel free to make new threads with the form below..

    In Game Name:
    Meet & Greet (Description): 

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    In Progress Re: [Information] Meet and Greet! Welcome!

    Post by Ian Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:06 am

    To start things off 

    Name: Ian Hoyumpa Lavadia
    In Game Name: Wittzi / Ian_Lavadia
    Location: Bacolod
    Meet & Greet (Description): Hello I am Ian, the one who will dictate the virtual world of Magnum Opus PH Roleplay. I like to play FPS games and currently in charge of a small CS:GO community here in Bacolod City. I am a Computer Engineering graduate from University of Saint La Salle - Bacolod and I love spending my time reading and analyzing codes. 

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