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    [PATCH] [2.9] Patch Notes

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    [PATCH] [2.9] Patch Notes Empty [PATCH] [2.9] Patch Notes

    Post by Ian Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:22 am

    [PATCH] [2.9] Patch Notes Update10


    - Improved log-in interface
    - A warning message will pop up every time a user will log-in
    - Message of the day in a msgbox will prompt everytime you spawn to inform you about your recent activities

    [Account System]
    - No need to indicate the Name Field on your samp.exe before connecting to the server, though you need to input at least 3 characters to connect ( Samp.exe restrictions)
    - Username field will not be visible to minimize the chances of being hacked
    - Character selection is available for users with more than 1 character
    - Users with only 1 character will directly load the only character data
    - [/logout] command is available for accounts switching to be easier

    [PATCH] [2.9] Patch Notes 110

    - Server will now notify administrators for new appeals. 
    Note to administrator: The only way to accept or decline the appeal is to access your web ucp. 

    [PATCH] [2.9] Patch Notes 210

    - Administrators will be notified if an attacker that damaged a player is out-of-bounds. 
    Note: The bound restriction is based on the /pbounds

    - Report[/report] is modified and simplified to make it more effective. 

    - Improved the spawn coordinates to prevent spawn-killing spam, now spawns on more than 2 areas

    - Rumors have it that VIP will be transferred near the Vinewood

    What happened to v2.8 and below? Why are there no patch notes for them?
    They are relevant versions of MO:RP but v2.9 is the stable version. So to be clear it covers older features including the connection with our Database via MySQL

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